Byron Vannoy "Byron Vannoy's Thread" / Bioticmusic
Byron Vannoy “Byron Vannoy’s Meridian" / Bioticmusic
Affinity “Affinity" / Lalai Dama Records
Carrie Wicks “I’ll Get Around To It" / OA2 Records
Carrie Wicks "Barely There" / OA2 Records
Carrie Wicks "Maybe" / OA2 Records
Charlie Loesel “Westfalia" / Incochee Trail Music
Charlie Smith “Charlie Smith Circle" / Conduit Records
Chris Stover "Circle By Night" / More Zero Music
Cyndi Moring "Cover Art" / Self Released
Darin Clendenin “Tidings of Joy and Jazz" / Pony Boy Records
Eric Barber's MetriLodic " Feel it Give Way" / Self Released
Frieze of Life “Frieze of Life" / FOL Records
Frieze of Life “Nuclear Frog Pond" / FOL Records
Hans Teuber “Looky" / Jackson Street Records
Jaiman Crunk "Encounters" / Origin Records
Jay Roulston “Monkey Mind Control" / Conduit Records
Jeff Eliassen “Browns" / Ballbearings Pinatas
Joe Doria Trio "Sine" / Self Released
Johnaye Kendrick "Here" / Self Released
Jon Hamar “Hereafter" / Self Released
Julian Priester “In Deep End Dance" / Conduit Records
Ken Chan “Ken Chan Trio" / Whitestone Records
Ken Chan “Insomnia" / Chanmank Records
Mark Taylor “Spectre" / Origin Records
Martine Bron "Swiss Girl" / Self Released
More Zero "Between Two Conclusions" / More Zero Music
Nelda Swiggett “This Time" / OA2 Records
Nelda Swiggett "Blue-Eyed Painted Lady" / OA2 Records
Omar Torrez "the Beat Outside" / Self Released
Rane Nogales "A Ruby for Magic" / Self Released
Rob Cook "A Drop In The Lake" / Self Released
Robert Jacobsen “Coldwater" / Bananabread Records
Rootjooce “Rootjooce 1" / Canned Records
Rootjooce “Fortified" / Canned Records
Todd DelGiuidice “Pencil Sketches" / OA2 Records
Tom Varner “Heaven and Hell" / OmniTone
Tom Varner "Nine Surprises" / Self Released
Ziggurat Quartet “Calculated Gestures" / Origin Records
Zubatto Syndicate "Zubatto Syndicate" / Self Released